Log Max Active Friction Control

Active Friction Control


The new generation floating top knife featuring Active Friction Control actively controls and adjusts the amount of friction between the log and the harvesting head's frame. There is no need to go out and change the settings by adjusting the unit, everything is now set automatically. Low friction is desired as it leads to lower fuel consumption and heat generation. There is the exception of when delimbing heavily branched trees with small diameter limbs a higher friction minimizes the risk of simply bending them flat.


The harvester's computer is the brain of the Active Friction Control and based on your settings, the Log Max head behaves optimally depending on tree species and diameter. For example, a thinning of pine and birch can behave quite differently based on tree species.

Active friction control provides:
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Controlled from cabin
  • Improved timber quality


  • Active Friction Control is an optional equipment available for all Log Max heads.
  • It can be installed by one of our authorized dealer on any currently running Log Max harvesting head.