Log Max Feed rollers

Log Max steel roller have angled stud bars for better performance


By placing the stud bars in angled rows, Log Max has obtained a self cleaning feed roller with very high pulling force both in forward and reverse, without risk of spinning.
Tests have shown that our new steel roller also passes the criteria for approved penetration, which eliminates the risk of fibre damage caused by studs.

Log Max steel rollers are guaranteed 100% round enabling the best possible length- and diameter measuring. Further, Log Max steel rollers with V-angled stud bars are developed for long life-term, to correlate to the reliability of our harvester heads.

Eucalyptus rollers


Log Max Eucalyptus rollers have angled edges for debarking as eucalyptus demands complete debarking when felling.

Harvesting Head V-Steel V-Steel Aggressive Eucalyptus
Log Max 928 338 mm 338 mm -
Log Max 4000 344 mm 344 mm -
Log Max 5000 426 mm 426 mm 433 mm
Log Max 6000 / 6000Twin 532 mm 532 mm 538 mm
Log Max E6 - - 538 mm
Log Max 7000 612 mm 612 mm 616 mm
Log Max 7000XT Fixed Head 612 mm 612 mm 616 mm
Log Max 10000XT 618 mm 630 mm -
Log Max 12000XT 710 mm - -

Comparison between V-Steel Aggressive and V-Steel


V-Steel Aggressive

V-Steel Aggressive : Number of teeth = 5

v-steel aggresive


V-Steel : Number of teeth = 6