Log Max Multi-stemming

Log Max has developed an accumulation kit that can be fitted as an option to Log Max heads.

  • This allows the Head to be used as a Combination Head - both as a conventional Harvester as well as a multi-stemming Head for thinning smallwood or in late brush cuttings.

    The Accumulation Unit opens wider than the maximum Head opening between rollers, which allows trouble free collecting of trunks even when working with crooked trees.

    The Accumulation Kit is currently available to Log Max 3000/4000 and 5000 series.

    The Log Max Accumulation Kit can be run with Log Mate 510, 500, 402, Motomit, CabsWin and John Deere TM300 Control Systems.

  • multi-stemming
  • Accumulation kit available for heads 4000, 5000, 6000