Log Max Factory Tour

  • Our engineers have their workspace close to the production line. This close proximity allows for a level of communication and flexibility that is particularly useful when developing such an advanced piece of machinery as a Log Max harvesting head. New or adjusted part prototypes can be produced and tested right where the heads are constructed.

    All the frame parts and delimbing knives are built using high quality swedish steel. Steel cut outs are welded to form elements of the frame.

    These elements then receive bushings and smaller components.

    Before sandblasting, the frame parts are welded together to form the robust core of the Log Max heads.

    At Log Max, we are very self-sufficient when it comes to developing and producing head parts. Parts are designed and developed in-house which a few of them are then outsourced to entrusted industry leading suppliers, who share our belief that only the absolute best quality is necessary to meet production demand.

    Our highly trained professionals can develop new parts and modify existing parts on site. These can then be test fitted to upcoming models from Log Max.

The frame then goes through assembly as follows:

1 – Preparation and painting of all steel parts for the head

2 – Frame fixtures, where the main parts are fitted and adjusted to the steel frame

3 - Assembling the feed roller arms before mounting to the frame.

4 – Hydraulics assembly and installation, from saw unit to distribution pumps.

5 – Electronics and wiring installation. System check

6 – Hood and decals go on last

Specially trained professionals work on the head at each station before they get to the testing bench followed by pre-delivery inspection.
The heads are than packed and prepared for shipping.