Log Max history over 30 years

Log Max AB, previous Grangärde Maskin AB is a Swedish company that has been designing and manufacturing machines for mechanized forestry operations since 1980.

  • Since 1988 our main product line has been grapple harvesters, also called single grip harvesters. Such a device will grip a tree, fell it, delimb it and cut it to desired lengths.
    The grapple harvester is a tool that shall be mounted on some kind of carrier. A variety of machines can be used as carriers, ranging from large agricultural tractors, excavators and loaders to purpose-built forestry tractors.

    Our head office, Log Max AB, is located in Grangärde in the heart of the Swedish forest district. At these facilities we have our design and development department, the production line and main sales office. Our main spare parts depot that supplies all our distributors also lies here.


Log Max Inc. is our North America subsidiary located in Vancouver, Washington (North of Portland, Oregon). The employees of Log Max Inc. coordinate market activities, the central spare parts depot and handle sales throughout the U.S. Log Max Iberia supplies the spanish market with Log Max and Eco Log products. The company is situated in Huelva, Spain.