The 5000th Log Max head manufactured

Log Max #5000

Today Log Max proudly announces the milestone of having produced five thousand harvester heads since the company was founded in 1980.

- This is a milestone of great importance! This makes us one of the worlds’ largest manufacturers of harvesting heads. It also shows that our customers have a big interest in our large product range, says CEO Tom Sarin.

- Back in the beginning of 2012, we shipped head number 4,000 to a North American customer. In less than three years we have sold and manufactured an impressive 1,000 harvesting heads, which puts us above the competition when it comes to selling loose heads worldwide, says Tom.

- The head number 5,000 is a Log Max E6, which is sold by our Brazilian dealer Timber Forest to a large customer in the eucalyptus area. This head is one of many, ordered by the same customer, which shows great trust in us and in our partners.

- We have a solid plan for the coming years with focus on a steady growth in both new and current markets. We look forward to reach the next milestone, 6,000 heads manufactured!

21 Oct 2019 06:52

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Log Mate 510
31 Aug 2018 06:52

  Log Mate 510 The latest release of Log Mate control system is now available.
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Log Max Simulator
16 Oct 2017 06:52

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XXI Century Logger
17 Aug 2017 06:52

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Saw bars and Chains
20 Jan 2017 06:52

  Unbeatable prices! Log Max sells high quality saw bars and chains.
Contact your nearest Log Max dealer for price and information Download Saw bar and chains guide : DOWNLOAD PDF

New dealer in Finland
05 Sep 2016 06:52

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