6000V is a versatile head which has a wide range of applications, mainly focused on final felling. The unit is a further development of our great seller 6000B with improvements and updates to work even better in today’s modern forestry.


The length measurement function of the 6000V has been optimized to create the very best conditions for delivering optimal measurement results. we have made changes in several areas in order for measuring wheel to better follow the contour of the trunk.


Modifications and reinforcements to the new frame improve the the reliability and lifetime of the head.


The unit is also equipped with our new, smart saw True-Cut that provides fast and controlled cutting.

Harvesting key figures
  • Most productive range : 12 to 50 cm
  • Maximum cutting diameter : 65 cm (72 cm opt.)
  • Minimum delimbing diameter : 3.5 cm
  • carriers carriers carriers
  • 21-25 tons 18-22 tons 170-210 kNm
  • cut stump
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6000V updates

Download the PDF to read about all the features and improvements.


  • Max width arms open1689 mm
  • Min width with arms closed1235 mm
  • Height to felling link 1682 mm
  • Standard configuration11 342 kg
  • 1) Incl: V-Steel rollers, damped protection plate, saw unit, hydraulic and lubrication oil


Hydraulically driven chain saw with pressure controlled feed force.

Chain oil tank in frame with 33 liters capacity.

    • Standard saw:
    • Saw type (man. tens.) 218
    • Saw type (auto. tens.) 318
    • Saw motor 19 cc
    • Saw chain 0.404 pitch
    • Bar length, 75/82 cm
    • Maximum cut capacity std/opt65/71 cm

  • Optional 30cc saw:
  • Saw type (auto. tens.) 318
  • Saw motor 30 cc
  • Saw chain 0.404 pitch
  • Bar length, 75/82 cm
  • Maximum cut capacity std/opt66/72 cm
    • Optional saw:
    • Saw type (man. tens.) 218 True-Cut
    • Saw type (auto. tens.) 318 True-Cut
    • Saw motor 19 cc
    • Saw chain 0.404 pitch
    • Bar length, std/opt 75/80 cm
    • Maximum cut capacity, std/opt 65/71 cm

  • True-Cut saw unit requirements:
    Min. flow : 200 l/min Min.
    hydraulic pressure : 250 Bar
    Min. hydraulic power: 85 kW


Two hydraulically driven rollers mounted directly on radial piston motors, 857 cc / 52.3 cu.in. optional 934 cc / 57 cu.in

    • Feed roller diameter :
    • V-Steel 532 mm
    • V-Steel Aggressive 532 mm
    • Eucalyptus 538 mm

  • Maximum roller opening 525 mm
  • Minimum roller opening 12mm
    • Calculated feed force1 857 cc 26,3 kN
    • Calculated feed speed2 5,0 m/sec

  • Calculated feed force1 934 cc 28,5 kN
  • Calculated feed speed2 4,6 m/sec
  • 1) calculated at 280 bar pressure
  • 2) calculated at 330 l/min flow


Four movable knives with patented positioning to minimize friction losses, which increases the active pulling force.

  • Max delimbing knife opening 641 mm
  • Max full coverage delimbimg diameter1 500 mm
  • Min delimbing diameter 15 mm
  • 1) Note includes bottom knife


  • Maximum pressure 280 bar
  • Maximum flow 330 l/min
Min. requirements for acceptable performance :
  • Flow 200 l/min
  • Pressure 250 bar


Log Mate 510 with diameter and length measuring: Full system diagnosis, value bucking, StanForD 2010 v2 and v3, multi-stemming report, powerful production reporting...
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Interfaces Log Max heads can be seamlessly installed on any machine running an other control system. These powerful and easy to implement interfaces are available for all major manufacturers. (John Deere, Rottne, Komatsu...)
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  • Indexator AV17S with 360˚ rotation (+62kg)
  • Indexator H182 with 360˚ rotation (+64kg)


v-steel rollers  


By placing the stud bars in angled rows, Log Max has obtained a self cleaning feed roller with very high pulling force both in forward and reverse, without risk of spinning.

v-steel aggr. rollers  

V-Steel Aggressive

The V-steel Aggressive roller has studs that sink deeper in the tree trunk.

eucalyptus rollers  


Log Max Eucalyptus rollers have angled edges for debarking as eucalyptus demands complete debarking when felling.


  • truecut

An impressive new saw unit - the Log Max True-Cut


The Log Max 6000V can be equiped 318 True-Cut and 218 True-Cut, both saws have a 19cc motor, the 318 has automatic chain tensioning the 218 has manual tensioning.

A 30 cc 318 (non True-Cut) is also available.

The key component of the True-Cut system is the intelligent saw motor with integrated valving solutions for saw motor speed and saw bar control. By continuously sensing the motor speed and adjusting the saw bar feed rate accordingly, the True-Cut maintains an almost constant chain speed of 40 m/s throughout the cutting cycle. This yields an impressive cutting performance - the True-Cut is up to 35 % faster than conventional saw units! By locating the valve for motor speed control inside the motor it is able to react instantly to changes in motor speed and practically eliminate any over-revving that is seen in a convention- al saw unit. Not only does this reduce the stress on the motor but it also provides a safer work environment by reducing the risk of chain shots. The True-Cut saw units also features a longer stroke cylinder and a higher resolution cutting con- trol sensor. These additions provide for a more precise control of the saw bar resulting in maxi- mized cutting performance and color marking precision. The True-Cut is optimized at the factory and should not need any further setting changes in the field.


Accumulation kit


This allows the head to be used as a combination head - both as a conventional harvester as well as a multi-stemming head for thinning small wood or in late brush cuttings.


The Log Max Accumulation Kit can be run with Log Mate 510, 500, Motomit, CabsWin, Dasa 380, Ponsse Opti, Timbermatic and Komatsu Maxi.

  • multi-stemming


Active Friction Control


The new generation floating top knife featuring Active Friction Control actively controls and adjusts the amount of friction between the log and the harvesting head's frame. There is no need to go out and change the settings by adjusting the unit, everything is now set automatically. Low friction is desired as it leads to lower fuel consumption and heat generation. There is the exception of when delimbing heavily branched trees with small diameter limbs a higher friction minimizes the risk of simply bending them flat.

The harvester's computer is the brain of the Active Friction Control and based on your settings, the Log Max head behaves optimally depending on tree species and diameter. For example, a thinning of pine and birch can behave quite differently based on tree species.

  • active friction control


  • Field repair kit
  • Stump treatment
  • Color Marking
  • Snow cover
  • Auto Chain tensioner (318)
  • Fixed protection plate
  • Rotator control
  • Rod cover
  • Find end sensor
  • Processor knives