Log Max 928A is a small and light head specifically designed for thinning. The compact format makes it the obvious choice for small-sized wheel and track-based harvesters in the 7 to 15 ton range.


The Log Max 928A features a hydraulically driven saw with pressure controlled sawing force and flow controlled chain speed.
The high performance saw hydraulics provide full flow to the bottom saw resulting in fast cutting. This saw unit is able to fell trees up to 420 mm.


This compact head weighs in at only 412 kg (908 lbs) in its standard configuration but still generates a powerfull feed force of over 1,4 tons (3,282 lbf). This thanks to the two hydraulically driven rollers which are mounted directly on radial piston motors with 365 cc (24.2 cu in) displacement.


The Log Max patented knife control system minimizes feed friction and the unique compound curve delimbing knives provide the Log Max 928 with an outstanding stem coverage and increased log quality.

Harvesting key figures
  • Most productive range : 8 to 29 cm
  • Max cutting diameter, std : 42 cm
  • Min delimbing diameter : 2 cm
  • carriers carriers carriers
  • 7-15 tons 6.5-13 tons 40-60 kNm
  • cut stump


  • Max width arms open 1005 mm
  • Min width with arms closed 818 mm
  • Height to felling link 1031 mm
  • Standard configuration1 412 kg
  • 1) Incl: V-Steel rollers and damped protection plate


Hydraulically driven chain saw with pressure controlled feed force.
Chain oil tank in frame with 4.5 liters capacity.

  • Saw type Saw 928A
  • Saw motor 10 cc
  • Saw chain 0.404 pitch
  • Bar length, std/opt 48 cm/42 cm
  • Maximum cut capacity 42 cm
Optional saw:
  • Saw type n.a
  • Saw motor n.a
  • Saw chain n.a
  • Bar length, std/opt n.a
  • Maximum cut capacity std/opt n.a


Two hydraulically driven rollers mounted directly on radial piston motors, 365 cc / 22.3 cu.in.

  • Feed roller diameter, V-Steel 338 mm
  • Feed roller diameter, V-Steel Aggressive 338 mm
  • Calculated feed force1 14,6 kN
  • Calculated feed speed2 3,1 m/sec
  • Maximum roller opening 330 mm
  • Minimum roller opening12 mm
  • 1) calculated at 210 bar pressure
  • 2) calculated at 140 l/min flow


Four movable knives with patented positioning to minimize friction losses, which increases the active pulling force.

  • Max delimbing knife opening 470 mm
  • Max full coverage delimbimg diameter1 245 mm
  • Min full coverage delimbing diameter 20 mm
  • 1) Note includes bottom knife


  • Maximum pressure 210 bar
  • Maximum flow 140 l/min
Min. requirements for acceptable performance :
  • Flow 140 l/min


Log Mate 510 with diameter and length measuring: Full system diagnosis, value bucking, StanForD 2010 v2 and v3, multi-stemming report, powerful production reporting...
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Interfaces  Log Max heads can be seamlessly installed on any machine running an other control system. Our interfaces are easy to install and available for all major manufacturers. (John Deere, Rottne, Komatsu...)
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  • Indexator GV3
  • Indexator GV4


v-steel rollers  


By placing the stud bars in angled rows, Log Max has obtained a self cleaning feed roller with very high pulling force both in forward and reverse, without risk of spinning.

v-steel aggr. rollers  

V-Steel Aggressive

The V-steel Aggressive roller has studs that sink deeper in the tree trunk.


  • Damped protection plate
  • Field repair kit
  • No diameter measuring sensors